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Eskute: Practical electric bikes at accessible prices

16 Jun 2021

Reliable electric city and mountain bikes designed and priced for the real world

The appeal of electric bikes is easy to understand. By helping to flatten hills, shorten distances and cut down the odds or impact of having an off-day, e-bikes quite simply let more people enjoy cycling.

At the same time, the rise of electrical assistance also allows more people to choose their bike for journeys that otherwise might have been made by car or public transport.

However, the addition of a motor and battery can’t help but increase the cost of electric bikes relative to conventionally powered alternatives, meaning their benefits sometimes struggle to reach the largest audience.

Eskute was founded to make quality electric bicycles accessible to the masses, and produces a compact range of models that are priced competitively enough to make cycling the most economical choice in almost any situation.

Both the firm’s city-focussed Wayfarer and off-road capable Voyager models come in at an extremely competitive £899. Cyclist readers can now also benefit from a further £50 off their retail price, making the freedom to explore anywhere within easier reach than ever.

Quality motors and reliable components

Despite their low cost, all Eskute bikes benefit from quality Bafang brushless rear hub motors to help you nip through traffic or fly along tracks and trails. Powered by removable lithium-ion battery packs, these provide ranges of between 80-100km depending on the model and your level of effort.

Not only do they provide the majority of riders with sufficient power to make multiple journeys between charges, but they can also be removed for additional security and convenient indoor charging and are lockable to prevent theft.

The Wayfarer and Voyager bikes may be designed for different purposes, but they share many of the same quality components.

These include powerful Tektro disc brakes for reliable stopping, integrated lighting that runs off the main battery so as to be always ready, and hard-wearing Shimano Tourney gearing to make the most efficient use of your own input when not using the battery.

Like all electric bikes in the UK, every Eskute bike is capable of travelling at up to 25kmh (15.5mph) while benefiting from motor assistance.

Acceleration to this point comes through one of five assistance modes, which are selected using the bike’s LCD digital display, where you can also check your progress while riding.

Power direct to riders

By focussing on just two models and selling direct to customers, Eskute can offer its bikes at a massively competitive price.

As a result, their specification –particularly their Bafang rear hub motors, disc brakes and integrated lighting – competes with models costing significantly more.

Each bike ships from within the UK,  which means if you order now you could be riding your new Eskute bike in under a week. The firm is so sure you’ll love your new machine that it also offers a 15-day return window and an extensive two-year warranty.

For a limited time, Cyclist readers can also use the code cyclistuk50 to benefit from £50 off the purchase price of either bicycle to make them even better value. For more information on either bike, visit



How Cyclist readers can get £50 off their chosen Eskute e-bike:

Step 1: Choose your e-bikes from (or click 'Add to Cart' above to shop now)

Step 2. Use code “cyclistuk50” at the checkout

Step 3: Save £50 on your Eskute e-bike order

Take on the town with the Eskute Wayfarer

A fully equipped commuter that outclasses public transport and outpaces driving

The Eskute Wayfarer is made to major on practicality, arriving with everything needed to ensure every journey is more enjoyable by bicycle.

A step-through frame means it’s easy to hop onto, and the bike’s overall weight is kept down thanks to a compact drive system and light aluminium frame.

Five levels of assistance are on offer, controlled via an easy-to-read LCD display where you can also monitor important real-time information such as current speed, distance travelled and remaining battery life.

Integrated lighting ensures you’ll always be visible on the road, while mudguards protect you in changeable weather and powerful disc brakes gave assured stopping power no matter the conditions.

Thanks to its suspension fork and puncture-resistant tyres, it’s not afraid to venture away from paved surfaces either.

Closing out the package is a rack and kickstand, meaning there'll be nothing left to splash out on except perhaps a helmet.

Range: Up to 80km, Motor: Bafang 250W rear hub, Battery: Removable 360Wh lithium-ion, Gearing: Shimano Tourney 7-speed, Extras: Integrated lighting, mudguards, rack, and kickstand.

Explore aboard the Eskute Voyager

Take on mixed routes with upgraded suspension and extra assistance for longer adventures

Ready to tackle any terrain, the Eskute Voyager rolls on rugged 27.5-inch tyres and features an oversized 480Wh battery.

Allowing for longer journeys taking in steeper hills and more technical sections, its abilities are backed up by a lockable dual-mode suspension fork.

It’s also happy to get stuck into mucky conditions, and its reliable Tektro disc brakes work just as well in the wet as they do the dry. Like the city-focussed Wayfarer, the Voyager features quality Shimano Tourney gearing to make the most efficient use of your legs, plus a rust-resistant KMC chain for longer service intervals.

The bike also benefits from integrated front and rear lighting powered by the bike’s sizable battery to help illuminate the way on the tarmac or to help highlight the trail.

With an adjustable stem and the same maximum level of assistance as its Eskute stablemate, you won’t be left behind no matter where you enjoy your riding.

Range: 100km+, Motor: Bafang 250W rear hub, Battery: Removable 480Wh lithium-ion, Gearing: Shimano Tourney 7-speed, Extras: Integrated lighting, front mudguard, and kickstand.