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Eskute charges ahead

12 Apr 2022

Affordable new Polluno and Netuno e-bikes make light work of commuting, whatever the terrain…

Fast-growing e-bike company Eskute has launched two new electric bikes – the city-focussed Polluno and trail-ready Netuno – each designed to bring the horizon-broadening world of battery-powered cycling to the masses.

Both are available to buy now as pre-sale models from Eskute, and for a limited time they have £50 off their already palatable price tags.   

Polluno: for city streets

The unisex Polluno E-City bike uses a new step-through alloy frame design to make mounting and dismounting even easier. A 250W battery offering a 522Wh capacity and a claimed range of 65 miles is discretely hidden in the down tube, while the Polluno’s rear hub motor is well concealed and provides a maximum assistance speed of 15mph to make hilly streets a sweat-free joy.

The Polluno is designed to be your perfect partner for urban commuting, packing versatility and comfort to provide reliable daily transport.

To boost your riding comfort, Eskute has added front suspension with 80mm-travel forks, high-volume 700×45c Kenda tyres, and a soft gel saddle for optimum comfort at the rear. To aid safety, there are even integrated front and rear lights.

For those who don’t relish the idea of wheeling a 25kg e-bike around the house, its 3.4kg lithium battery is easily removed and plugged into a mains socket to charge. And crucially you’ll know when it needs to be plugged in, thanks to a backlit LED display integrated into the stem, which shows a number of data fields such as battery capacity, current speed, total distance covered and daily ride distance.

This smart display can even by synced with your smartphone via the forthcoming Eskute app, so you can share your trips with friends.

The Polluno is available in both hub motor or mid-drive variants, and costs £1,199 (£1,149 for a limited time only).

Cyclist says…

‘Not only is the Polluno a particularly stylish way to arrive at the office, but its battery assistance means you’re more likely to arrive at work refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

The addition of wide tyres and front suspension, plus its ease of charging, makes this bike comfortable to ride and easy to live with.’

Netuno: all-terrain assistance

The Eskute Netuno e-MTB is a great choice for commuting, but expands your choice of terrain even further with 27.5in Kenda mountain bike tyres and a 100mm-travel fork designed to get you over bumps, tree roots and rocks with ease when pedalling on the trails, whether you’re taking a shortcut to the office or having off-road fun with friends at the weekend.

The Netuno boasts seven-speed Shimano transmission, five levels of pedal assist and weighs 25kg. Like the Polluno, this is very much an electric bike that lets you pedal towards a greener future.

The Netuno is powered by the same Samsung lithium battery as its city stablemate, offering 65 miles of power from a full charge. Its Bafang G020 motor, like the Polluno’s, is rear hub-mounted, has a rated power of 250W and develops a maximum torque output of 45Nm – enough combined shunt to give you the ability to reach your destination faster than you ever expected.

It also has an identical onboard LED computer to provide easy access to essential ride metrics and remaining battery capacity. 

The Netuno is priced identically to the Polluno, at £1,199, and with a £50 discount during its limited pre-sale period.

Cyclist says…

‘Carrying the same, very attractive price tag as its Polluno stablemate, the Netuno throws all-terrain ability into the mix.

Treaded tyres and long-travel suspension make it ideal for taking the long way home, while its 65-mile range is more than ample for a few laps of the local trail centre on a Sunday morning – crucially, completed with less fatigue than your riding pals, thanks to the Netuno’s pedal-assist feature.’

New features for 2022

The Polluno and Netuno build upon Eskute’s already popular rear hub motor series, with upgrades to their display and power. Both e-bikes now feature identical vivid LED screens, as well as a new speed sensor and improved performance for shorter charging times and a longer riding range.

Both bikes’ alloy frames have also been given some attention. The Polluno E-City uses a new frame over Eskute’s Wayfarer model, to provide easy step-through access and conceal the battery.

For the Netuno, Eskute has retained the aggressive tubing design of its Voyager e-MTB, but added a slight bowed shape to the top tube to inject vitality in an otherwise rugged style.

A greener, affordable future!

The specs of Eskute’s two new e-bikes are impressive enough, but when you consider that both models are available for just £1,199 – and with £50 off that price for a limited time – it’s clear that cheap, high-performing electric bikes are no longer a fantasy.

• Head to the Eskute website to order your Polluno or Netuno now. To see and compare the brand’s full range of e-bikes and accessories, join the community and see the bikes in action, visit Eskute today