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What is Wahoo SYSTM? Here's what you need to know

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10 Jan 2022

Can Wahoo become the coach you always wanted but couldn’t afford?

SYSTM is the new training platform from Wahoo, providing both amateur and professional endurance athletes with the most complete training platform on the market. Built on a foundation of science, the vast array of workouts and training plans in SYSTM are developed by the Wahoo Sports Science Team.

Designed to provide you with a completely tailored and immersive training experience, SYSTM is full of exciting firsts that will leave its rivals firmly in the shade.

Here, David McQuillen, Head of Wahoo Training Services and founder of The Sufferfest, reveals why SYSTM is the only training platform you need.

What is Wahoo SYSTM?

'Our goal with SYSTM is to be the world's most complete training platform for endurance athletes,' explains McQuillen. 'What we’ve launched is the first step towards that goal, which we will build on in coming weeks and months.

'There are a number of reasons why SYSTM is so exciting, engaging and effective. First is its founding in sports science. A training platform is only as good as the sport science underneath it – the methodologies that the app relies on – and we take that really seriously.

'We're the only platform out there with a dedicated sports science team. Importantly, our team is is led by Neal Henderson, the coach behind more than 50 World Championship titles, Olympic medals and world records with athletes such as Kasia Niewiadoma and Rohan Dennis.

'All SYSTM subscribers benefit from that world-class expertise, particularly in our training plans. Our plan builder, which covers a wide range of goals from simply getting fit again to winning big events, allows you to add cross training like yoga, strength and mental work, specify how many weeks hard vs. easy you’d like and even what volume of training you can handle.

'Whether you’re on a plan or not, it’s our workouts that really shine. And we've got a huge library of unique and exciting workout experiences to match any objective or mood. Want to visit exotic lands and ride amazing roads with a knowledgeable guide? Check out our On Location series. Want to experience exactly what it’s like to be in the middle of a Professional World Tour Race? Give our ProRides a go. Looking for a tough structured workout with racing footage, storyline and fantastic music? Then there are more than 50 Sufferfest videos to get you going.'

It doesn’t stop at cycling workouts either. SYSTM is also home to yoga sessions, mental training and strength training workouts, while its training podcast, The Knowledge, is available on third-party platforms – providing a truly holistic approach to fitness training.

'What’s more, we'll soon have the capabilities to allow SYSTM to be your training partner outside too – with workouts sent directly to your head unit – meaning your best training isn’t restricted to the turbo,' adds McQuillen.

How does Wahoo SYSTM work?

Every workout you complete in SYSTM is based on your complete fitness profile. Unlike other training apps, which rely solely on your Functional Threshold Power (FTP), SYSTM takes things up a notch with a baseline test that provides an even more detailed picture of your abilities.

'Your profile allows platforms like SYSTM to set appropriate targets for you based on your fitness, rather than just doing a workout off the shelf which could be too hard or too easy,' says McQuillen. 'When we know what your fitness profile is, everything gets scaled to your particular baseline.

'If all an app knows is your FTP, it basically just has to guess what targets you should hit above threshold,' adds McQuillen. 'That’s not a great way to spend your time training and why SYSTM is the only platform that captures your FTP as well as the three energy systems above FTP: maximal aerobic power (MAP), anaerobic capacity (AC) and neuromuscular power (NM). We also give you your strengths and your weaknesses and what type of rider you are.'

Known as four-dimensional power (4DP®), the fitness profile is then used to set specific targets in every single effort of every workout within SYSTM. This results in far more precise, personally tailored and effective workouts.

How do I get started on SYSTM?

Getting started with SYSTM is easy. After downloading the app and signing in, the first thing you’ll want to do is complete your 4DP® test (also known as the Full Frontal). A 58-minute long workout, it includes efforts at FTP, MAP, AC and NM power, and will influence the structure of any training plans and workouts you complete. If you’re just starting out and Full Frontal sounds a bit intense, there’s also the Half Monty ramp test, which will give you accurate FTP, MAP and heart rate targets. While you could just get started without doing a 4DP test, your plan and workouts will be a lot less accurate as SYSTM won’t know what you’re really capable of.

4DP test complete, it’s time to create your training plan. Choose from cycling, multi-sport or cross-training, and then delve into the full spectrum of what SYSTM has to offer. Whether you’re preparing for the start of the cyclocross season or just want to kick start your fitness, there’s a plan that can be tailor made for you.

How much does SYSTM cost?

SYSTM launched on 28 September and costs $14.99 USD per month or $129 USD  per year (saving you $50 USD on a monthly subscription). If you’re already a subscriber to Sufferfest, your membership transfers to SYSTM automatically.

The only training platform you need

By combining completely tailored training plans with fully immersive workout experiences and optional extras such as yoga, strength training and mental training, the Wahoo SYSTM training plan is truly the only platform you need to take your cycling to the next level. And, with more to be added over time, it’s something that will continue to grow as you do.

Find out more about how Wahoo SYSTM can boost your training and try it free for 14 days