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Riese & Muller Nevo3 GT Vario women's e-bike review


A hugely adaptable e-bike that can be used for carrying heavy loads, commuting to work or simply having fun on and off the road

The range of options makes it seriously versatile
Settling on a final spec list could be difficult given the options available

Justifying spending £4k on a bicycle – even an electric one – can be difficult, but Riese & Müller has made it a whole heap easier.

The Nevo3 GT Vario, in its base format, can be used for commuting and general riding around town. Then there is a whole list of options that can transform it for other purposes.

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Like to go off-road? Why not try the GX option, which provides all-terrain tyres for comfort and grip, wide flat pedals to allow you to keep pedalling no matter what shoes you’re wearing or how muddy you get, and ergonomic bar-end handles to provide a range of hand positions that make even the hardest of climbs less of a struggle.

If on the other hand you’re considering an e-bike as an alternative to a second car, something that can be used for short shopping trips or carry small children on the school run, then consider the Heavy Duty package, which validates the bike for loads of up to 160kg, and then specify the integrated front rack.

Whichever option is best suited to your needs, the base remains the same – an open-design aluminium frame with integrated motor and battery.

That step-through frame means the bike is more accessible because it makes it easier for those with mobility issues to get on and off – not to mention those who are obliged to cycle in a skirt. Stepping through the open frame is far easier than trying to swing a leg over the back of the bike.

Buy the Riese & Muller Nevo3 GT Vario now

Helping to move everything along, the Bosch motor used by Riese & Müller on the Nevo3 GT Vario is the latest generation of Performance Line CX – the most powerful e-bike motor Bosch produces.

As for the battery that powers the motor, there are once again multiple choices. You can start by buying a second 500Wh battery for a dual battery set-up or make the upgrade to a better-performing 625Wh battery pack.

Riese & Muller Nevo3 GT Vario specs

Stated weight: N/A
Frame material Aluminium
Motor Bosch Performance Line CX
Battery Bosch Powerpack 500 Performance
Stated range N/A
Gearing FSA, Gates, Masura
Saddle Selle Royal New Lookin Moderate
Bars Humbert Ergotec XXL
Wheels Machi 650 29in
Tyres Schwalbe Big Ben Plus

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