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Maap Women’s Pro Bib 2.0 bib shorts review

8 Jun 2022

A great pair of compressive and racy bib shorts ideal for hot weather but with no comfort break option

Cyclist Rating: 
Compressive, Good environmental credentials, Racy, Comfortable, Great chamois
No comfort break feature, Pricey

The Maap Women’s Pro Bib 2.0 are a great pair of bib shorts designed for hot weather, and oh do they make me feel fast.

Weighing a claimed 175g, and offering a compressive fit, the bibs are made for riders who enjoy aggressive riding. 

At £235, these will set you back a fair few bucks and then some, but if you are looking at investing in a warm weather race day pair of bibs, these might just hit the nail on the head.

What’s more they are made from Oeko-Tex certified materials so have good environmental credentials, but more on that later.

Of note is that, unlike many women's shorts, these bibs do not have a comfort break feature. 

Maap Women’s Pro Bib 2.0 fit

The shorts are made with a four-way 3D aero structure and stretch compression fabric which Maap says enhances blood flow and recovery during efforts.

I found they gave the ideal level of compression. They made me feel sleek and ready to put in some hard efforts.

But whether the fabric helped with blood flow and recovery is not something I could quantify.

The shorts have a women’s specific, dual-density thermo moulded chamois developed by Elastic Interface. Uh, what on earth does that mean, you ask?

Maap says the chamois is 3D multi-layered, with a breathable base layer and eco X-tract fabric, combined to create a seamless and anatomic chamois.

As a result, the chamois is really comfortable. It moulded to my body to such an extent that I often forgot it was there, it is breathable and it doesn’t protrude massively.

I tested the bibshorts in a size L and I found this to be a good fit. I am usually a size 12. The shorts sat quite high up on my hips, which I liked, and I didn’t need to pull them up at any point throughout a ride.

The leg length is also good, with the shorts coming up just above the knee and the bib straps feel secure and well-made, with not an ounce of flimsiness.

Maap Women’s Pro Bib 2.0 design

The bib shorts are made with a textured material that gives them a different look to others on the market. They boast minimal sheen when compared with the likes of the Universal Colours Mono women’s bib shorts.

I found them flattering and really comfortable. As tends to be standard nowadays, the bib shorts feature reflective graphics and offer UPF 50+ protection.

Of note is that the bib shorts are made from Oeko-Tex certified materials.

This is a standard based on a testing and certification process which certifies non-hazardous end-products and all of their components. It helps brands maintain more environmentally friendly processes and use better products, helping them on their sustainability journey.

So it is great to see that these bibs have ostensibly good environmental credentials.

Maap Women’s Pro Bib 2.0 vs. Assos UMA GTV C2 vs. Pactimo Women's Summit Classic

In the same price bracket, albeit £25 cheaper, the Assos UMA GTV bib shorts C2 give these shorts a run for their money as they offer a good comfort break feature, and a similarly compressive, racy fit.

However, the textured material design means that for me Maap pips Assos at the post in terms of comfort.

Costing a lot less, but still a good pair of shorts with a comfort break feature, the Pactimo Women’s Summit Classic bib shorts come in at £180. However, I much prefer the leg length of the Maap Women’s Pro Bib 2.0.

Maap Women’s Pro Bib 2.0 verdict

Overall the Maap Women’s Pro Bib 2.0 are a great pair of bib shorts, however I haven’t given these five stars because in my view these should have a comfort break feature.

For £235 this should be a given especially in this day and age, when we are seeing some brilliant innovation in female friendly cycling kit.

Alas, although a big critique, it is my only one, as there is no denying that these are a great pair of bib shorts.

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