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7mesh WK3 cargo bib shorts review

7 Jun 2022

Great bib shorts with plenty of storage capacity and an effective comfort break solution

Cyclist Rating: 
Pockets • Comfort break feature • High quality • Good length
Not that flattering

The 7mesh WK3 cargo bib shorts are all about the pockets. So much so that they have four.

These are a great pair of shorts ideal for long rides and bikepacking, or just when you want to wear a T-shirt but still need storage space.

Having ridden on both trails and the road in these, I can really see the appeal of pockets. Snacking: easy. Taking pictures: easy. Locating my keys: easy.

Another key feature is the shorts have an effective comfort break feature.

Overall I like the design of the shorts, and they feel great against the skin. The only thing I question is how flattering they are. The port coloured pair (pictured) don’t make me feel like a 10/10 when I wear them, but these shorts also come in black, or black with reflective pockets, which might address the issue.

7mesh is a Canadian brand from Squamish, the home of ultra-endurance adventurer Jenny Tough, and the brand dresses Transcontinental race winner Fiona Kolbinger, so it has no shortage of pro feedback to inform the design of its products.

7mesh WK3 cargo bib shorts design

As alluded to earlier, 7mesh WK3 cargo bib shorts have four pockets, two on the legs and two on the lower back.

I really enjoy these pockets. It felt great to lessen the load in my jersey rear pockets and to have such easy access to snacks and gels. It is also a lot less fiddly to put the wrappers away.

The leg pockets are also big enough if you want to keep your phone close to get some nice snaps, and are even large enough for those with absolutely whopping phones.

Another important design note is the comfort break element.

The WK3 cargo bibs feature square, side-positioned straps in a drop-tail layout which the brand calls Pull2P. The brand says it allows for an easy comfort break without the need to remove any other clothing.

I found this to be simple to do although I did feel the bib straps verged on the flimsy side. However, I’d say that is a small price to pay to be able to take a nature break easily.

The WK3 cargo bib shorts have a 7mesh women’s performance space chamois. The brand says the chamois uses increased foam density for added comfort.

I found it faultless, comfortable and breathable on both long and short rides.

A bonus point is that the chamois is made with recycled content.

7mesh WK3 cargo bib shorts fit

The shorts have a microfibre waist with an open mesh strip which I found allowed for heavy breathing and doesn’t restrict my core at all.

Whilst the mesh makes riding hard efforts very comfortable, due to my long torso I found that I would have liked the mesh to start a bit higher so it didn’t poke out of the bottom of my jersey, (either that or these shorts need to be worn with a longer jersey).

The shorts have a clean-cut hem with silicon grippers, and I found they stayed solidly in place.

The legs are a nice length, gave a good level of compression and felt secure while riding.

7mesh WK3 cargo bib shorts vs. Universal Colours Mono bib shorts vs. Pactimo Classic

I would say these shorts are akin to the Universal Colours Mono women’s bib shorts in terms of offering a similar level of compression, comfort and leg length.

Having found the Pactimo Women’s Summit Classic bib shorts to be on the shorter side, the 7mesh WK3 cargo bib shorts come up trumps for longer-legged riders.

With all these comparisons, the main advantages the WK3 shorts hold is their four pockets.

I don’t think the benefits of these pockets can be overstated.

7mesh WK3 cargo bib shorts verdict

The WK3s are a reasonably priced, high-quality pair of shorts with a good comfort break feature coming in at £160.

And did I mention they have pockets?

Highly recommended.

  • Buy the 7mesh WK3 cargo bib shorts (£160)

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