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Robyn’s Extremely Online Round-up #23: Magnus Cort the Helicopter Man and Ryanair

The 23rd instalment in our new series recaps the weekly shenanigans in the peloton, showcasing the fun side of cycling

Robyn Davidson
19 Jul 2022

In the words of renowned scholars Jay and Neil from The Inbetweeners: ‘I’m hot. It’s well hot. Might be too hot. Might be.’

Should you be venturing out on your bike in this weather? Probably not, but if you are, here’s our advice on how to cycle in the heat, including hydration, avoiding overheating and what kind of kit to wear.

We also have all the science on how heat affects your performance

Elsewhere, Emma Cole and Sam Challis rounded up all the new gravel gear from the likes of Shimano, Reynolds and Schwalbe at Eurobike 2022 as well as some weird and wonderful sights – hello, melon disco ball helmet.

I also caught up with Neilson Powless on the second rest day of the Tour de France.

On that subject, so much has happened at the Tour since I last spoke to you, dear reader.

We’ll get into that now, but if you want to see some more galleries of dramatic action, check out Tom Pidcock lighting up Alpe d’Huez and Michael Matthews winning at the Grand Tour after a five-year drought.

It’s been ten years…

The first Grand Tour I made an effort to watch, start to finish, was the 2013 Tour de France.

The 2012 race grabbed my attention with the Chris Froome/Bradley Wiggins exploits, but I wasn’t making the decision to sit on my sofa for six hours a day to watch it.

Imagine that? Crazy.

So, you could say the first major Tour moment I witnessed was the unfolding shenanigans of the Orica GreenEdge bus being stuck under the finish line in Corsica.

Ten years later on Stage 10 of the Tour de France...

... and the EF Education-EasyPost bus became stuck, blocking access to the paddock at the start of the stage.

You can’t out-do the doer.


Geraint Thomas has been suffering some wardrobe malfunctions throughout the three-week Grand Tour.

First it was forgetting to remove his gilet for the opening stage time-trial, and now it’s committing the cardinal sin of… not wearing his statement shades?!

The 2018 winner set social media ablaze on Stage 10. There were no white Oakley Racing Jacket glasses seen in the Ineos train.

As it turns out, Oakley wanted the team to wear sunnies from their Tour de France collection.

The world shifted on its axis slightly as a result. Birds stopped singing. Don’t do that again.

Magnus Cort: Helicopter Man

Magnus Cort might have unfortunately left the Tour de France due to Covid, but my god has he left his mark on the race.

Not only through his breakaways and time in the polka dot jersey, but on Instagram too.

Referencing a previous Instagram post from his time with Astana promoting Roka, the Dane brought it back to coordinate with the release of the EF × Palace Skateboards collection.

In an interview, he also revealed he blasts Rammstein after winning (a good choice) and then does the… helicopter… while naked to send to his friends.

‘But it only happens after big wins, The Tour, La Vuelta, outside of that I really don’t film myself naked…’

We’ll take your word for it mate.


Ryanair doesn’t do a lot of things right but personal beef after the Giro d’Italia aside, whoever runs its social media accounts is on it.

I didn’t think I would see Ryanair talk about the Tour de France in my lifetime, but the airline’s response to friend-of-the-Extremely-Online-series @OutOfCycling and followers proved differently.

Your weekly dog content

Always important.

From DSM and Lorena Wiebes…

To EF Education-EasyPost when they’re not dealing with stuck buses…

And of course, Hugo Hofstetter’s ever-present Petrus, who has previously featured in my Extremely Online series!

All 10/10.

Special shoutout: Mørkøv and memes

This space was initially reserved for the battling Michael Mørkøv, fighting alone for almost 200km on Stage 15 and ultimately finishing outside of the time limit.

But by now, you guys know how much I appreciate a good meme-using cycling team.

See you next week!