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The Muoverti TiltBike does exactly what its name suggests

Robyn Davidson
4 Nov 2021

Indoor training bike claims to engage whole body with balancing, steering, accelerating and braking

Indoor cycling brand Muoverti has today unveiled a pre-production preview of its new TiltBike to be commercially available in 2022.

The immersive cycling indoor trainer, which is designed for riders wanting more effective exercise, allows for balancing, steering, accelerating and braking.

According to the brand, lateral frame rotation combined with self-centering handlebars allow the bike to move freely under the rider to preserve the body’s natural fluidity, engaging core muscles and balancing reflexes.

Motion capture is utilised through data sensors on the bike. They capture rider motions such as left-right balance and seated versus standing position.

Frames can be separated from the base for alternatives such as a time-trial or mountain bike. These can then be customised with different handlebars, cranks, pedals and saddle.

TiltBikes are said to be built for athletes of all levels looking for engaging simulations and effective exercise from essential training to e-sports to interactive gaming.

Muoverti says it's computerised and accounts for physical forces such as rolling resistance, incline, weight, acceleration, deceleration and inertia in the control algorithm. This updates a thousand times per second and enables real-time simulations such as drafting and angular wind speed, and all forces can be software-controlled.

Muoverti – Italian for 'keep moving' – was founded by entrepreneurs Christoph Wilfert and Alex Caccia and is based in London, UK.

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