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Specialized’s next-gen Turbo ebikes can carry 240 blueberry muffins

Specialized's two new Turbo e-bikes are awash with savvy upgrades and smart security features

Emma Cole
22 Sep 2021

Specialized has launched two new versions of its most popular ebikes, the Turbo Vado and the Turbo Como.

The models are the next generation of what Specialized calls ‘it’s you, only faster’ and have been updated with smart functionality.

The Vado and Como include the MasterMind Turbo Display, a new integrated computer with enhanced security features such as the Turbo System Lock, which allows riders to disable the bike motor and activate the motion sensor alarm.

When the bike is locked, only the owner can reactivate the motor.

The more expensive models also include rear-facing Garmin radar as standard, which detects vehicles approaching from behind.

Additionally, Specialized’s Mission Control app allows riders to receive over-the-air software updates, meaning the bike’s functionality can be upgraded in the future if Specialized adds additional features.

Both bikes feature 650b wheels with chunky 2.3in Pathfinder tyres for a comfortable ride, and have an upgraded cargo rack capacity of 27kg, up from 20kg, so you could carry up to 240 blueberry muffins, should the mood take you.

With a suspension seatpost and a suspension fork with 80mm of travel, Specialized claims these e-bikes offer the ‘smoothest, quietest, most powerful, and most secure’ ride.

So which one should you choose?

The Vado is aimed at those wanting to try everything from adventures to commuting whilst the Como offers a more laid-back, upright position and the lowest step-through frame Specialized has ever designed, perfect for those looking for a confident, comfortable ride.

That smart functionality doesn't come cheap of course, with prices for both the Vado and Como ranging from £3,200 to £5,000.

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