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Buyer’s guide: Best CBD gels and balms for cyclists

Emma Cole
9 Feb 2022

5 of the best balms and gels for cyclists to soothe those muscles

With over two hundred CBD companies in the UK, finding the best CBD gels and balms for cyclists can be somewhat overwhelming.  

The number of CBD products on the market and the range of different gels and balms with varying strengths makes for a labyrinth of a choice, and it important for cyclists to find the right CBD product for them.

With that in mind, we have sorted through some of the options to find the best CBD gels and balms for cyclists currently on the market.

These products have all been tried and tested by the Cyclist team and are arranged in alphabetical order.

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5 of the best CBD gels and balms for cyclists

  1. Fourfive CBD thermal joint gel and muscle rub: £30
  2. Healthspan CBD balm: £19.95
  3. Nuasan Active CBD Muscle gel: €34.95
  4. Puresport CBD muscle & joint balm: £30
  5. VAAY CBD active gel: €34.90

1. Fourfive CBD thermal joint gel and muscle rub

Setup by two professional rugby players who were after an alternative to prescription drugs for pain management, Fourfive offers two products which are ideal for cyclists.

The brand's CBD muscle rub contains 300mg of CBD, as well as lavender, menthol and tea tree oil. The texture is light and the balm gives a cooling sensation.

It has a subtle citrussy and herbal smell and is very easy to apply.

Fourfive's thermal joint gel is also infused with 300mg of CBD. Just like the balm it provides soothing relief to tired muscles.

The main difference is that it is a thermal gel, so it gives off some heat and is infused with glucosamine and arnica added. It is much darker in colour than the balm.

It also has a much stronger smell, akin to deep heat with a herbal twist. It's easy to massage into skin.

Both products are BSCG certified which means it has been certified as drug free and so according to the brand should pass WADA tests.

  • Buy Fourfive CBD muscle rub (£30)
  • Buy Fourfive CBD thermal joint gel (£30)

2. Healthspan CBD balm

Healthspan’s CBD balm might be the least 'sporty' looking out of the bunch, but it has the most relaxing and pleasant smell.

The broad spectrum CBD balm contains 180mg of CBD per 30g and is made using a coconut oil and beeswax base.

The CBD oil is infused with oils including eucalyptus, arnica and sunflower.

It smells delightful, a mixture of chamomile and lavender. The balm is also very light in colour.

Healthspan says its CBD is 100 percent natural, sourced from legally grown EU hemp plants and cultivated without any harmful pesticides, so it's an ethically sound choice too.

Healthspan is also an official partner of British Cycling, so members may be able to get a discount. 

3. Nuasan Active CBD Muscle gel

The first squeezy bottle CBD product in our guide, Nuasan Active CBD muscle gel contains 500mg of CBD and a blend of natural botanical extracts including cinnamon, eucalyptus and peppermint.

It gives off a warming sensation which lasts for a really long time and is quickly absorbed into the skin.

The gel is orange in colour and smells more akin to deep heat.

The Irish brand is also conscious of its environmental footprint.

Both the tube and box are made from recycled materials and 10% of the brand's profits are donated to climate action groups.

4. Puresport CBD muscle & joint balm

With a similar story to Fourfive, Puresport was also founded by ex-rugby players. The brand offers a 50ml muscle and joint balm in two different CBD strengths, 1000mg and a lower 500mg option.

The CBD oil is combined with the soothing sensations of lavender, wintergreen, peppermint and lemongrass to give a soothing experience. The smell is quite strong, but not unpleasant.

The balm is easily massaged into sore muscles.

Notably Puresport also advocates using a gua sha massage tool to rub the balm into key areas which is a really effective way of massaging the balm into the target area.

Like with Fourfive products, the balm is certified BSCG gold standard, meaning it has been third-party lab tested to not contain any THC and should pass WADA tests.

If you are looking for a high strength balm this might be the one for you.

  • Buy Puresport 1000mg CBD muscle and joint balm (£43)
  • Buy Puresport 500mg CBD muscle and joint balm (£30)

5. VAAY CBD active gel

Berlin-based VAAY offer a full spectrum CBD gel which contains 550mg of CBD in the 100ml tube.

According to the brand, the gel contains less than 0.01% of THC and is lab tested in Germany.

It comes in a tube for easy application and when massaged into muscles it gives off a cooling sensation, thanks to its eucalyptus properties.

It also contains cayenne and menthol extract, so it gives off a sweet minty, aromatic smell which is not pungent and quite quickly dissipates.

It is a dark yellow in colour, similar to Fourfive's thermal gel.

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