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La Passione Club bibtights review

9 Apr 2021

Beautifully constructed and warm bibtights for changeable climes

Cyclist Rating: 
Pre-curved fit means you’ll walk like an OAP at café stops
Multi-panel construction is cut to accommodate your riding position • Sumptuously cosy • Surprisingly breathable • No ankle zips to faff about with • Stylish and functional

If you’ve ever worn a set of one-piece motorcycle leathers, you’ll be familiar with the way in which they’re cut for a ‘racing crouch’, forcing you into a stoop whilst walking around, yet feeling perfectly in tune with your riding position once you’re on your bike.

The La Passione Club winter bibtights are very much in the same ballpark – or race track – being constructed in such a way that you feel pre-curved and ready for action.

Crucially, while they are designed for cold weather use, I’ve found them to be absolutely marvellous for riding in the changeable conditions of the British springtime.


Ahead of the curve

It’s so rare to come across cycling kit that takes an approach akin to that of a tailor when it comes to care and attention to a garment’s fit.

The La Passione Club bibtights feature a multi-panel construction which supplies thicker fleece-backed material at the knees and a similarly windproof yet thinner material elsewhere.

The method of construction not only focusses weather protection on the areas most in need, but its use of curved panels also gives your legs a spring-loaded headstart on your pedalstroke, with natural tension in the legs of the tights cut specifically for the development of power.

Above the waist, the stomach is amply covered by yet more fleecy material, and the high back – in a looser mesh weave – allows hotter air to escape. The straps are also cut to force you into a crouch.


Simple is always best

I’m no big fan of zipped ankle cuffs on my bibtights, so the elasticated cuff of the La Passione Club bibtights is a welcome feature.

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Given that – well, unless you’re the kind of person who wears their socks over their tights – there’s no contact between cuff and skin, there’s no need for silicone grippers, and the elasticated band is snug enough to prevent draughts.


Talking of simplicity, I’m a sucker for a solid colour, and these tights satisfy that desire, with the dark blue Club bibtights bearing just a few subtle white logos as well as reflective detailing.

It’s a rare case of form and function in almost perfect harmony. The grey piping on the bib section, whilst invisible when riding, is another nice touch.


No clammy chamois

The Elastic Interface chamois of the La Passione Club bibtights is a particularly comfortable pad to sit on. Packing just the right amount of cushioning, yet moulding to fit the form of your rump, longer rides in comfort are a cinch.

Buy the La Passione Club bibtights now

Higher density areas of foam padding have been employed in the chamois to account for research stating that maximum pressure is exerted on the front of the saddle when in an aerodynamic riding position.

Factor into all of this the £124 price tag, and these bibtights offer equivalent functionality to legwear costing double this amount, and arguably an altogether more stylish approach.

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