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Giordana FR-C Pro Thermal bibtights review

5 Jan 2021

A comfortable pair of bibtights with some nice premium features

Cyclist Rating: 
Wide lay-flat straps • Reasonably priced
No ankle zips • No reflectives

Giordana has been clothing pro cyclists since the 1970s, with its sponsored teams including the Michelton-Scott team in 2020 and previous incarnations of GreenEdge Cycling.

It still makes its kit in Italy and that depth of experience is shown in the FR-C Pro Thermal bibtights.


The seat area of the shorts is made of super-Roubaix fabric. That’s like the typical fabric with a brushed inner face used extensively in winter kit, but the 'super' bit implies that it’s a bit thicker than normal and so a bit warmer too.

It’s comfortably thick but stretchy enough for a good fit.

Thicker fabric can be uncomfortable on the legs, particularly at the back of the knees, so Giordana stops the super-Roubaix mid-thigh and substitutes a thinner, more stretchy fabric that it calls 'Super Roubaix Carbon'.

Buy the Giordana FR-C Pro Thermal bibtights from Giordana now

The seam follows a wavy course across the thigh, the stretchy 'Super Roubaix Carbon' fabric covering the knee and extending down to the outside of the ankle hem. There’s another panel of the lower stretch fabric below the knee on the front, rear and inner face of the calves.


I found that this design gave a comfortable fit over the knee joint and plenty of warmth, but without constriction.

The bottom hem has a partial silicone gripper around its inside. This keeps it in place well, but makes getting the FR-C Pro Thermal bibtights on and off a bit harder than some others. Giordana makes a version with the more normal ankle zippers, if that’s something you prefer.

Seating comfort

Giordana’s pad is one of those which looks pretty straightforward on the surface, but where there’s a lot going on underneath. It’s wide, has a nice soft covering and is neatly zigzag-stitched into the bibtights. The padding is dense under the sitbones and tapered at the edges, with a thinner central zone, all hidden within its structure.

It’s plenty comfortable for longer winter rides, with a fit-and-forget feel that I hardly noticed was there.


The same is true of Giordana’s bib straps. They’re wide, lay flat and have no hems. Although there’s plenty of lengthways stretch, they neither stretch nor ruck sideways.

They’re sewn into a mesh rear panel that’s also comfortable and avoids heat build up on the back.


There’s a quality feel to the Giordana FR-C Pro Thermal bibtights, with well thought out features. The majority of seams are flatlocked and all are kept away from areas that might rub and become uncomfortable.

There’s plenty of warmth where it’s needed, without extra bulk on the legs, while the bibs give plenty of support without being intrusive.

Buy the Giordana FR-C Pro Thermal bibtights from Giordana now

One thing lacking that’s found on many winter tights is reflectives. I always ride with daytime lights in winter, so it’s not something I feel is a particular issue, although reflective elements are a nice addition to your visibility.

If that bothers you though, the zipped version of the FR-C tights includes reflective edges to the zips.

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