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GripGrab Raptor cycling gloves review

19 Nov 2018

The GripGrab Raptor is an excellent pair of cycling gloves for a range of weathers and riding types

Cyclist Rating: 
• InsideGrip is excellent • Comfortable in a range of temperatures • Great fit • Quality construction

GripGrab, as a brand, prides itself on 'evolution rather than revolution' when it comes to reimagining and rejuventating its products, but that is not the case with the GripGrab Raptor long finger cycling gloves.

The Raptor has been revolutionised from the previous iteration to the current, and in a number of ways - each one an improvement.


Chief among these changes can be found on the inside of the glove, which employs GripGrab's patented InsideGrip, an innovation for which it has won awards.

InsideGrip is the inclusion of small silicone prints on the inside of the glove's palm. The theory is that the connection between the palm and the glove is greatly improved by the friction of the silicone prints.

'This avoids your hand slipping in the glove,' says Marti Richter, sales and marketing coordinator at GripGrab. 'The idea behind it is the fact that most handlebar grips already provide plenty of grip when wearing gloves, so the connection between glove and handlebar has always been on a very high level.

'Our aim was to improve the same connection between your hand and your glove.'

This has certainly been my experience of the gloves over many rides of varying duration and in often very different termperatures, more on that below.

Temperature range

GripGrab's own product information suggests that these gloves are best suited to temperatures between 5° and 15°C, and by and large I would agree.

However, I have also found that on autumn days when the commute to work might have been in high single digits, by the evening and after a bit of sun the temperature was getting nearer to 20°C.

When that does happen, I could of course just take the gloves off and put them in a jersey pocket, but the breathability of the Raptor gloves keeps them from getting too sweaty or uncomfortable.

This is no longer the case as winter tightens its grip, but will apply again when spring comes.

It's when the inside of the gloves gets sweaty that I alluded to above with regards to the grip in different termperatures: despite any moisture within the gloves, the silicone prints ensure the level of grip within the glove in maintained.

As for the lower end of the temperature range, I've continued to wear these as the winter temperatures plummet and have found that GripGrab's lower limit of 5°C is about right.

You could use a liner glove at lower temperatures, but that would hinder both the InsideGrip and breathability of the gloves and so take away from the key factors of the gloves' performance.


Further comfort comes in the shape of the gloves' windproofing. A harsh northerly is, for the most part, kept at bay meaning fingers don't suffer the worst of a the wind chill.

These are marketed as racing gloves, and have proven popular with GripGrab-sponsored cyclocross professionals. The combination of windproofing, comfort, breathability and high-quality construction all point to these being an obvious choice for those at the top end of pro 'cross racing.


The GripGrab Raptor cycling gloves are an excellent pair of gloves that will see most riders right for a fair chunk of the year.

The endorsement of professional cyclocross riders only furthers the merit of the gloves, and also shows that they're at home on road, 'cross and mountain bikes.


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