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GripGrap Hurricane gloves review

24 Nov 2017

If you’re happy to trade waterproofing for temperature management and dexterity these are as good a cold weather glove as you’ll find

Cyclist Rating: 
Nimble, well cut, versatile. A great all-rounder
Not cheap, yet easily justify their cost

Despite being comfortable all the way down to around freezing, the GripGrab Hurricane gloves are still extremely nimble. Well suited to fussy riders and proper sporty cycling they provide protection without encumbrance.

Dedicated to filling in the gaps around your outfit, Danish company GripGrab makes gloves, shoe covers, warmers and other accessories rather than concentrating on clothing itself.

Coming from a region famed for its tough conditions the brand should have the right weather for testing its products.

Tailored to the racier end of the market, the Hurricane gloves are water resistant rather than waterproof. Relatively unyielding to quick showers, especially early in their service life - before repeated washing has stripped its exterior of its repellency, heavy and prolonged rain will eventually find a way through.

It’s partly the price you pay for not having a solid internal liner. The upside is far better dexterity and breathability. While control of the bike is a benefit to all riders, this second facet is essential for sporty riding, where high-tempo exertions can leave fully waterproof gloves clammy by comparison.

However, despite not being totally impermeable, even when soaked through the wind resistant material means you shouldn't freeze so long as your body temperature can keep pace with the prevailing conditions.

Their high degree of breathability also means these gloves are comfortable to wear right up until the sort of time that you’d be looking to lose the long sleeves off your jersey.

Generally if you’re only going to buy one set for cold weather, it’s logical to go for something tailored to this range of conditions.

If it’s colder or wetter, either stay home, or accept that you’d be better served by something bulkier.

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The Hurricane's medium length neoprene cuff is a far more comfortable and svelte-looking alternative to a velcro tab closure.

Unfortunately I did manage to tear it pulling the gloves on with my teeth, but that’s more down to carelessness on my part than a fault in the design.

Apart from a gel swatch covering the ulnar nerve, the lack of padding suited me, leaving the palm free to flex and conform the bar and levers.

Silicone dots across its centre and the ends of the first two fingers enhance grip, while the end of the thumb is touch screen compatible for bashing out text messages or navigating Google Maps.

GripGrap says its gloves feature a sweat wiper. Covering the entire back of the thumb, I spent much more time using it to absorb snot dripping out my nose than sweat running down my brow, but maybe I’m just gross.

Either way it’s suitably soft for either application. The backs also feature piping and printing that’s reflective to aid visibility when indicating.

Inside, with a minimalist fleecy backing but no waterproof membrane, there’s none of the slippery two-part feeling that can afflict some gloves, along with zero possibility of pulling them inside out by accident.

Having proved robust in use, occasionally chucking them in the wash with my other kit hasn’t seemed to have had any ill effect on the gloves, which are still looking pretty much new after a season of use including a ton of off-road riding.

Although I found them to come up pretty well as advertised, it’s certainly still worth trying on the gloves for size. Leave a little wiggle room inside and you’ll aid circulation, while also allowing space for the addition of a liner glove on blitz days.

Priced about the level where losing one out the back of your jersey pocket is going to cause a degree of heartache, I expected a lot from the Hurricane gloves.

Happily they deliver, quickly proving a favourite among the Cyclist team. Tough, simple, dexterous, and breathable they cover a wide range of temperatures and make a great general-service cold weather choice.


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