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Specialized S-Works Power with Mimic saddle review

21 Jun 2022

An all-singing, all-dancing extremely lightweight saddle worth the investment

Cyclist Rating: 
Comfortable, supportive, very light, conforms to body, Mimic technology, shape

Modelled on the original Specialized Power saddle, the S-Works Power with Mimic is the brand’s flagship short-nose saddle.

It features a filled in cut-out design and Specialized’s Mimic technology.

It is also extremely lightweight, with a stiff FACT carbon shell and carbon rails. A size 155mm weighs a claimed 173g.

Historically I have been a fan of a cut-out design, however the S-Works Power with Mimic, with its namesake technology, proved to be extremely comfortable, providing a good level of cushioning, support and flexibility.

It comes in three sizes: 143mm, 155mm and 168mm. I tested the 155mm option and it is worth mentioning that the 168mm seems hard to come by.

If money is no object, then the Specialized S-Works Power with Mimic is definitely worth the investment. For a detailed run down on female friendly saddles, read our guide to the best women’s saddles.

What is Specialized Mimic technology?

A key element of the S-Works Power with Mimic is that it has a ‘filled in’ cut-out design which essentially refers to the brand’s Mimic technology.

By this, I mean the cut-out has been filled in with a thermoplastic elastomer material and multi-foam layers that mimics (hence the name) the density of soft tissue and supports sensitive parts.

This is a squidgy central divot which the brand says is designed to conform to the body in order to relieve pressure.

Cut-outs don’t suit everyone, so Specialized’s Mimic technology quite literally bridges this gap for women who don’t get on with full cut-outs. The tech aims to alleviate pressure and pinching.

Riding for hours on this saddle is no issue for me – I had no pain whatsoever and I put this down to the Mimic technology. It is, quite frankly, extremely comfortable and squishy to the touch.

I found it to be just as good as a cut-out design, if not better, at relieving pressure and providing ample support and cushioning in all the right places.

The tapered wings are firmer than the middle part of the saddle, but still have reasonable give.

The brand says that the wings reduce the chances of chafing, adding to a pleasant riding experience, and I found this to be accurate.

Specialized S-Works Power with Mimic: Short nose design

The Specialized S-Works Power with Mimic features a short, soft nose which I found to be particularly beneficial when I slid forward or rode in a more aggressive position.

The S-Works Power with Mimic is also a very adaptable saddle, in the sense that the brand says it works for any riding style and discipline.

I tried it on both a road bike and a gravel bike and it worked well in every riding situation.

I also found the saddle easily catered to those who like to move around when riding, despite its comparatively small size.

Specialized S-Works Power with Mimic vs Liv Alacra SLR vs Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow

The S-Works Power with Mimic is both lightest and more expensive than its chief competition.

Compared to the Liv Alacra SLR, I found it much more comfortable, offering more cushioning and a more pleasant riding experience. That said, the Alacra is only 7g heavier than the Power with Mimic – a completely negligible difference – but it is £125 cheaper.

The Diva Gel is a great saddle, but it is 82g heavier than the Power with Mimic.

It offers decent cushioning and is a great choice for those looking for a more purse friendly option who don’t mind the small amount of extra weight.

Specialized S-Works Power with Mimic: Verdict

The S-Works Power with Mimic is an all-singing, all-dancing saddle that can be used across the cycling disciplines.

High tech and comfort don’t come cheap at £255, but the Power with Mimic to my mind is worth the investment – it’s hard to put a price on real saddle comfort and the consequences of prolonged riding on the wrong saddle just aren’t worth it.

It is a brilliant, versatile saddle which will hopefully last for many seasons.

If you are a female cyclist struggling with saddle comfort, I would definitely recommend trying out this saddle if you can.

The Specialized S-Works Power with Mimic also comes in other versions which are cheaper but slightly heavier, such as the Power Comp with Mimic (£95), the Power Expert with Mimic (£115) and the Power Pro with Mimic (£205).

  • Buy the S-Works Power with Mimic saddle now (£255)

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