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Liv Alacra SLR saddle review

13 Jun 2022

A cut-out, very lightweight saddle ideal for those who don’t need lots of padding

Cyclist Rating: 
Lightweight, Racy
Only comes in one size, Not very cushioned, Limited support

The Liv Alacra SLR is the brand’s premium lightweight race saddle, with a wide, short nose and a cut-out middle.

The saddle has a curved design which Liv says matches the female anatomy. The saddle has a high rear which curves down to a dipped middle and into a slanted nose portion.

Weighing a claimed 180g, the Alacra is lightweight, due to its ultra-light carbon composite shell.

This makes it a great choice for races and if you are looking to shed weight from your bike.

The Liv Alacra SLR comes in one width, 155mm, and it has a very sleek look to it.

Personally I found it didn’t give me the cushioning and support I was looking for when compared to other saddles and I think it should be offered in more sizes.

However, saddles are an extremely personal experience, so do check out our women's saddle guide for more information on how to find the right saddle for you.

Liv Alacra SLR: Comfort

At first squeeze, the Alacra SLR is pretty firm, especially at the wide short nose end.

The brand says that the padding uses ‘high-elastic, free-flowing particles’ which ‘reduce pelvic pressure by more than 20 per cent by distributing pressure across a broader contact area’.

I cannot quantify this, nor am I sure what the 20 per cent is in comparison to, but I didn’t experience overt discomfort with pressure on my rides.

Personally I would have liked much more padding, especially at the rear and at the nose.

The Liv Alacra SLR has a cut-out design which is a common saddle technique used to reduce pressure.

I suit a cut-out design which meant I didn’t have any issues with pinching but as mentioned I did not find this saddle the most comfortable.

Liv Alacra SLR: Sizing options

In my view a major downside to the Alacra SLR is that it only comes in one size of 155mm.

This means that unless your sit bones come in around this width, you may not find this saddle comfortable at all. In my case, my sit bones are bang on 155mm.

Whilst I might be lucky, it does seem odd that Liv only offer one size option, especially when most other brands offer at least two different size choices.

On speaking to Liv about this, the brand explained that it has chosen a width and shape which supports a wide range of consumers based on the metrics of its research and development over the years.

Liv says that this size will fit the majority of its consumers and the brand currently has no plans on offering other widths.

As a brand specifically aimed at women, and no doubt aware of the issues women have faced with saddles over the years, the lack of size options does seem a bit counterintuitive.

It would be great to see some more size options on the market in the future.

Liv Alacra SLR vs Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow vs Specialized S-Works Power with Mimic

The Liv Alacra SLR has much less padding than the Diva Gel and the S-Works Power with Mimic, so as mentioned before the Alacra is best for those who don’t need a lot of cushioning.

In terms of weight, the Alacra is much lighter than the Diva Gel, which is considerable, and is only around £30 more expensive, so would be a good choice if you are looking for a lightweight, racy saddle.

However the Alacra is 7g heavier than the Power with Mimic, which is a very small number, though I also found the Power with Mimic offered a greater level of cushioning and was more comfortable.

That said, price is an important factor here. The S-Works Power with Mimic costs about £125 more than the Alacra. With that in mind, the latter comes out as a really cost-effective lightweight saddle.

Liv Alacra SLR: Verdict

Overall, the Liv Alacra SLR is a good lightweight saddle for the rider who doesn’t need much cushioning, likes a cut-out design and is looking for a racy saddle.

Compared with other lightweight saddles on the market, the Alacra is particularly well priced.

Of note is that the Liv Alacra SLR is currently out of stock but Liv is expecting it back in stores in July.