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2022 BMC Roadmachine X: Genre-blurring ‘all-road’ bike with SRAM XPLR

Updated fat tyred road bike bridges gap between gravel and road endurance

Matthew Loveridge
22 Sep 2021

The BMC Roadmachine X is a versatile carbon gravel-adjacent endurance bike with healthy tyre clearances and a frameset that’s pure BMC. Initially offered in two models with SRAM’s brand-new XPLR 1× gravel components, the Roadmachine X will cost £4,450 / $4,799 / €4,699 with Rival-level components and £5,700 / $6,299 / €5,999 with Force. An aluminium model costing €2,299 is on the way too.

The Roadmachine first launched in 2016 as a versatile endurance road bike, and the original Roadmachine X – an aluminium bike with a more explicitly all-road bent – appeared two years later.

2022 BMC Roadmachine X: gravel-adjacent road, or road-adjacent gravel?

BMC isn’t afraid to mess with its nomenclature, and the Roadmachine X reflects how murky the distinction between speedy gravel bikes and the rougher end of the road endurance spectrum has become.

It's built around a full-carbon frameset that BMC says offers 'extended versatility' for everything from a 'B-road blast' to a 'multi-surface adventure ride'. 

The Roadmachine X's design language is entirely in-keeping with previous BMCs, with a similar dropped seatstay profile and familiar angular styling.

In fact, if you're really well-versed in BMC’s range, you might notice the frame is identical to the existing Roadmachine – it's the builds that have actually changed.

Comfort is a key part of the design and BMC, a brand that loves an acronym, touts the Roadmachine’s TCC or Tuned Compliance Concept, which is a fancy way of saying there’s plenty of compliance built in to make the bike plusher on rough terrain.

This is achieved via the now-ubiquitous dropped and flattened seatstays of which BMC can rightly claim to have been an early proponent.

There’s also a D-profile seatpost to add in extra flex, and the bike ships with 32mm tyres as standard, with clearance for a maximum 33mm width.

That figure puts the Roadmachine X at the squishier end of road bikes, but few would class it as a pure gravel machine. While there’s no one definition of what makes a gravel bike, we suggest clearance for 38mm tyres at a minimum is a prerequisite.

That’s not a criticism, however, and we love a road bike with added versatility that isn’t overly compromised for pure tarmac riding.

The Roadmachine X’s geometry sits in a middle ground that’s fairly typical for endurance bikes and certainly less lofty than many gravel offerings. Reach and stack for a size 54cm are 386mm and 562mm respectively, while head angles vary from 71.2 to 72 degrees across the size range – nothing too outlandish. The bike comes in six sizes ranging from 47cm to 61cm.

While the Roadmachine X has an integrated stem of sorts, BMC hasn’t gone full-superbike here, with the brake hoses exposed where they travel from bar to frame. With wireless groupsets on the two launch models, there are of course no gear cables to deal with.

Incidentally, while the standard builds have 1× drivetrains only, it looks like there’s a removable front derailleur mount, so 2× should be a possibility.

As well as the flagship carbon bikes, BMC is offering a much more affordable aluminium model in the form of the Roadmachine X AL One.

This will be offered in a single Shimano GRX mechanical build and looks to be further along the road–gravel continuum, with clearance for tyres up to 45mm wide.

2022 BMC Roadmachine X specs, prices and availability

BMC Roadmachine X ONE

  • Frameset: Carbon
  • Groupset: SRAM Force AXS XPLR
  • Wheels: XRD-522
  • Availability: Now
  • Price: £5,700 / $6,299 / €5,999

BMC Roadmachine X TWO

  • Frameset: Carbon
  • Groupset: SRAM Rival AXS XPLR
  • Wheels: XRD-522
  • Availability: April 2022
  • Price: £4,450 / $4,799 / €4,699

BMC Roadmachine X AL ONE

  • Frameset: Aluminium
  • Groupset: Shimano GRX RX810 / RX600
  • Wheels: XRD-522
  • Availability: May 2022
  • Price: €2,299