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Best waterproof overshoes for winter 2022

Cyclist magazine
22 Oct 2021

Seven of the best warm or waterproof cycling overshoes, along with what to look for before choosing yours

Cycling overshoes might not be a glam purchase, but given that they'll prevent frozen toes from ruining your ride, they don't need to be.

When it comes to winter riding, standard road shoes designed to keep your toes from sweating on balmy summer jaunts just won't cut it. That's why the overshoe was invented.

These cleverly designed booties fend off wind and rain to keep your feet dry and warm when you're cycling, and if they're tight enough, will even save you a few precious seconds thanks to improved aerodynamics.

With some models designed only to keep out the breeze, those featured here are the heavyweights of the overshoe world, being instead made for repeated use in rainy conditions.

Despite this don't expect every model to keep your feet 100% dry. As when choosing a jacket, instead look for something that'll be comfortable across the situations you want to use it. If your feet do get wet, take it up with the brand, not the messenger (in this case, us).

Which waterproof cycling overshoes should I choose?

Waterproof overshoes tend to be made of either Polyurethane (PU) or Neoprene. Polyurethane is the lower-cost choice, but it’s waterproof and when teamed with a fleecy inner can be warm.

Neoprene (or polychloroprene if you’re on University Challenge) is the same material that’s used in wetsuits and offers a premium alternative. It's waterproof and windproof but isn't very breathable.

Whichever you go for, remember to put your tights over your boots as it'll stop water running into your socks. Also, don't forget to wash your overshoes at least once every two rides. They soak up perspiration and can get whiffy in no time at all.

Seven of the best cycling overshoes

1. GripGrab Racethermo Overshoes

These chunky, zipperless booties look like they’d keep your toes warm when surfing in the North Sea. Made from 4mm thick Neoprene and without a zip, getting the right size is important, although pulling them on is pleasingly simple.

Once in position, water has very little chance of getting in, while the insulation should be enough for temperatures around freezing point.

Buy now from Wiggle for £49.95

Alternatively, they are also available in Hi Vis from Wiggle also for £49.95

2. Sealskinz All-Weather Road Overshoes

With a big zip down the back and a chunky rear pull loop, these foul-weather overshoes are quick to pull on. On the underside, heavy-duty Kevlar reinforcement on the heel and toe should stop them wearing out too quickly if you’re forced to walk.

Good for both fast rides and commuting, reflective detailing adds visibility in low light conditions.

3. Endura Freezing Point 2 Overshoes

For properly cold days, the voluminous fleece lining inside these overshoes should keep out the chill. With a tough sole, they’ll also survive walking in grisly conditions.

A bit of an effort to pull on despite their full-length zip, they’re not entirely waterproof. However don’t let this put you off, for frigid conditions they're hard to beat.

Buy now from Tredz for £47.49 

4. Castelli Pioggia 3 Overshoes

The Pioggia’s stretchy polyurethane-coated fabric won’t be letting through any water, while its close-fitting nature keeps these minimalist overshoes svelte on the feet.

With a fleecy lining, plus an extended Nanoflex cuff, they’re good down to around freezing, while sealed seams, a waterproof zip and a silicone gripper on the cuff keep water from getting in.

Buy now from Tredz for £60

5. Gore C5 Gore Windstopper Overshoes, £50

Water-resistant but highly breathable, these shoe covers will keep you comfortable in most conditions. If you’re after something absolutely waterproof, you’ll be served better elsewhere.

However, just as a windproof jacket is often a better choice than a heavier alternative, so these overshoes will stop your toes sweating, then getting chilled. Also available with a fleece lining for really cold days.

6. Altura Firestorm Overshoes

Given their near-constant rotation, your feet are a surprisingly good spot at which to add visibility. Finished with reflective material, they light up when hit by the headlights of any following vehicle.

With a zip down the back, these overshoes are easy to get on, if slightly more susceptible to water ingress. With a reasonably resistant material underfoot, the heel and toe are further reinforced.

7. Katusha Airtech Booties

Katusha is more than just the now-defunct WorldTour team. It is a highly respected high-end cycling apparel brand and one which we can personally vouch for.

These waterproof overshoes use locked stitching to keep your feet dry while the breathable inners prevent overheating. We also like the reflective details, too.

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